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Title: Distributed object architectures with CORBA
Author: Henry Balen
Published: Cambridge ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press : in association with SIGS Books
Year: 2000
Number: 1024
Description: xix, 285 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
ISBN: 0521654181
Note: Includes bibliographical references and index
Contents: Ch. 1. Introduction -- Appendix. COM/CORBA Integration -- Ch. 2. Distributed Objects. Quick Review of Object-Oriented Concepts. Object Based Distribution. What CORBA Provides. What CORBA Does Not Provide. Service-Oriented Architecture. Integration Strategies with Existing Systems -- Ch. 3. Partitioning, Interfaces, and Granularity. The Project Life Cycle. Partitioning. Interfaces. Granularity. Example: Document Retrieval -- Ch. 4. Meta-Information. Examples of Using Meta-Information. Meta-Information in CORBA -- Ch. 5. Life Cycle And Persistence. Life Cycle. Distributed Object Life Cycle. Persistence. Life Cycle IDL (Partial) -- Ch. 6. Transactions. Transaction Processing. The OMG Object Transaction Service. Concurrency Control Service -- Ch. 7. Security. Security Principles. Review of the OMG Security Service. SSL and CORBA -- Ch. 8. CORBA and the Internet. Architectures. IIOP and Firewalls. HTTP-NG. XML and CORBA -- Ch. 9. Architecture Considerations for Deployment. Required Characteristics. Keeping Track. Achieving Fail-over. Load Balancing -- Appendix. COM/CORBA Integration
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