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Title: Client/server programming with Java and CORBA
Author: Robert Orfali
Co-Authors: Dan Harkey
Published: New York : Wiley Computer Pub
Year: 1997
Number: 1015
Description: xxv, 657 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. + 1 computer laser optical disc (4 3/ in.)
Subject: Java (Computer program language)
ISBN: 0471163511
Contents: Pt.1. CORBA meets Java -- Client/server, CORBA-sytle -- Client/server, Java-style -- Client/server, CORBA/Java-style -- Meet the CORBA/Java ORBs -- Pt.2. Core CORBA/Java -- Your first CORBA program -- ORBlets meet applets -- Java ORBs meet C++ ORBs -- Pt.3. The dynamic CORBA -- The dynamic count -- Multicount: the jazzed-up count -- Pt.4. CORBA and its competitors -- Sockets versus Java/CORBA ORBs -- HTTP/CGI versus Java/CORBA ORBs -- RMI verus Java/CORBA ORBs -- Caffeine: the "Pure" Java/CORBA ORB -- DCOM verus Java/CORBA ORBs -- And the winner is... -- Pt.5. The existential CORBA -- Who activates my objects? -- Metadata: who am I? -- The introspective CORBA/Java object -- Pt.6. JDBC 2-tier verus 3-tier -- JDBC primer -- The JDBC debit-credit benchmark -- 2-tier debit-credit with JDBC -- 3-tier debit-credit with JDBC and CORBA -- Pt.7. The grand finale: CORBA/Java Club Med -- The Club Med 3-tier client/server -- The Club Med client applet -- The Club Med server -- CORBA/Java: the good, the bad, and the ugly -- Where to go for more information.
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