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Title: Using Visual InterDev 6
Author: Michael Amundsen
Published: Indianapolis, IN. : Que
Year: 1998
Number: 1050
Description: xvii, 873 p. : ill
ISBN: 0789716402
Note: Microsoft Visual InterDev. Web sites -- Design.
Contents: I. Visual InterDev Fundamentals. 1. Creating Web Projects with the Site Designer. 2. Using the Visual InterDev 6 Editor. 3. Building Web Pages with the Page Designer Tools. 4. Using Visual InterDev 6 to Manage Your Web Projects -- II. Web Page Design Techniques. 5. Designing Quality Input Forms for the Web. 6. Building Basic Web Forms with Intrinsic HTML Controls. 7. Building Advanced Web Forms with Intrinsic HTML Controls. 8. Using Style Sheets with Your Web Pages. 9. Adding Multimedia to Your Web Applications. 10. Creating and Using Image Maps -- III. Using Visual Basic Script. 11. Programming with Visual Basic Scripting Language. 12. Expanding Your Scripts with Built-in Methods. 13. Adding Event Handling to Your Visual Basic Scripts. 14. Client-Side Scripting with the MSIE Object Model. 15. Using Server-Side Scripting with the Built-In ASP Objects -- IV. Databases and the Web. 16. Accessing Web Databases. 17. Creating Data-Bound Web Forms. 18. Creating Databases for the Web. 19. Using ActiveX Database Objects (ADO) -- V. Using ActiveX Technologies. 20. Using Advanced Design-Time Controls. 21. Adding Reports and Graphs to Your Web Applications. 22. Adding Active Content to Your Web Application. 23. Adding Active Documents to Your Web Projects -- VI. More Active Server Programming. 24. Looking at ASP Behind the Scenes. 25. Managing Files with ASP. 26. Adding Security to Your Web Applications. 27. Using Program-Based Security. 28. Adding Error Handling to Your Web Application. 29. Using DHTML to Dynamically Alter HTML Content and Positioning -- App. A. Using Microsoft FrontPage and FrontPage Server Extensions -- App. B. Online Resources
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