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Title: How to program a Virtual Community
Author: Michael Powers
Published: Emeryville, Calif. : Ziff-Davis Press
Year: c1997
Number: 1027
Description: xvii, 363 p. : col. ill. + 1 CD-ROM disc
ISBN: 1562765221
Note: Includes index. System requirements for accompanying computer disc: Macintosh platform: computer, 68030; memory, 8MB of RAM; platform system, 7.0 or higher, software, Web browser; hardware 2X CD-ROM drive; Windows system requirements: computer, 386 IBM PC-compatible; memory, 8MB of RAM; platform, Windows 3.1, NT, or 95; software, WEB browser; hardware, 2X CD-ROM drive
Contents: Pt. 1. What Is a Virtual Community? Ch. 1. Meeting Your Neighbors in Cyberspace. Ch. 2. Three Types of Community. Ch. 3. A (Very) Brief History of Virtual Community. Ch. 4. The Five Building Blocks of Virtual Community. Ch. 5. Unique Issues for Virtual Communities -- Pt. 2. Creating a Development Platform for Your Virtual Community. Ch. 6. What Software Applications Make a Virtual Community Work? Ch. 7. Setting Up the Software for Local Development -- Pt. 3. Avatars: Creating Costumes. Ch. 8. Making Avatars. Ch. 9. Putting Avatars Together in perIMUD. Ch. 10. Putting Avatars Together in The Palace. Ch. 11. Putting Avatars Together in Sony Community Place -- Pt. 4. Places to Go: Making Great Locations. Ch. 12. Developing Locations: Virtual Architecture. Ch. 13. Putting Locations Together in perIMUD. Ch. 14. Putting Locations Together in The Palace. Ch. 15. Putting Locations Together in Sony Community Place -- Pt. 5. Things to Do: Making Great Activities. Ch. 16. Creating Community Activities. Ch. 17. Putting Community Activities Together in perIMUD. Ch. 18. Putting Community Activities Together in The Palace. Ch. 19. Putting Community Activities Together in Sony Community Place -- Pt. 6. Managing Your New Community. Ch. 20. How to Manage Your Community. Ch. 21. Managing Your perIMUD Community. Ch. 22. Managing Your Palace Community. Ch. 23. Managing Your Sony Community Place -- Pt. 7. Creative Economics in Your Community. Ch. 24. The Virtual Economy. Ch. 25. Virtual Economy in perIMUD. Ch. 26. Virtual Economy in The Palace. Ch. 27. Virtual Economy in Sony Community Place -- Pt. 8. Publishing Your Community on the Web. Ch. 28. Four Steps to Publishing Your Community. Ch. 29. Publishing Your perIMUD Community. Ch. 30. Publishing Your Palace Community. Ch. 31. Publishing Your Sony Community -- Pt. 9. The Future of Virtual Community. Ch. 32. What's Hot in the Marketplace. Ch. 33. The Future of the Five Building Blocks
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